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Dog Jumps Off Boat and Is Presumed Dead – But Look What the Navy Found!


A beloved one-year-old German shepherd/husky mix fell off a fishing boat over a month ago and was presumed dead. After searching for her alongside rescue teams for days, Luna’s owner, Nick Haworth, sadly posted a message to Facebook:  “RIP Luna, you will be greatly missed.”

There is no need to mourn her loss any longer however, as Navy servicemen discovered that Luna had managed to make it to an island and survived there for five weeks.

Via Fox News Insider:

… miraculously, Luna appears to have swum ashore on San Clemente Island and survived for weeks on the island’s natural offerings. She was discovered on a roadside by Navy service members on Tuesday.

She was described as malnourished but otherwise in good health.

Luna was placed in the care of a family friend until Haworth returns from a trip and can be reunited with his four-legged friend.

Check out this heartwarming report on Luna’s rescue:

What an incredible tale of survival by man’s best friend. We’re sure this will be a Disney movie in the near future.

Comment: Do you know of any good stories of survival or amazing times you shared with your pet? Please tell us about them below.