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Amazing: Watch Cops Deliver A Baby Roadside!


American law enforcement has had a bad few months. Several cases have exposed possible corruption and a callous disregard for the lives of those they are supposed to protect.

But this story proves that, if there are a few rotten applies in our law enforcement, there are also many selfless individuals worthy of our support.

New Jersey State Troopers Alex Muro and Arnaldo Mateo got the call of a lifetime at 4:14 a.m last Monday, when they were called to Garden State Parkway North. There they found a pregnant women so far along in labor that she could not make it to the hospital.

So what did the boys in blue do? Equipped with nothing but surgical gloves … they delivered the baby right on the roadside!

Take a look at their heroics here:

The baby, named Rachel, is now safe and healthy.  And her parents are deeply grateful to the police who came to their rescue.  So, well done, troopers!

What do you think of these cops and their heroic actions? Let us know below.