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America Responds to Pro-Gun Control Movie EPICALLY!

If you’re on Twitter, you may have noticed some ads targeted to you for a movie called “Miss Sloan.” “Retweet if you’re a Nasty Woman like Miss Sloane” it reads – making reference to a particular insult Donald Trump threw at Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate.

Why are they referencing Trump’s comment? Because Hillary Clinton used it as a label during her campaign, and it’s a liberal movie, of course. In it, the main character Miss Sloane (played by Jessica Chastain) plays a powerful lobbyist fighting her biggest opponent yet: the American gun lobby.

As any non-rocket scientist could tell you, targeting your advertising towards the fans of a failed presidential candidate for a movie in which there are more guns than people, isn’t exactly a viable strategy.

Following its debut over the weekend Miss Sloane posted one of the worst performances of the past 35 years for a movie in wide release.

The movie pulled in $1,167 on average at the 1,648 theaters across the country it was shown in. It made $1,922,300, meaning it was the 11th-highest grossing movie in the country. It is number 79 on Box Office Mojo’s list of Worst Opening Weekend by Per-Theater Average since 1982.

That means Miss Sloane earned less money per theater than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Shaun the Sheep Movie, Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace, and Gigli.

H/T The Washington Free Beacon

Serves them right! America rejected Hillary Clinton and along with her, liberalism as a whole. They managed to pick the worst possible time to release a pro-gun control movie.