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American Sniper Chris Kyle Earns American Hero Award at CPAC


Everywhere you turn at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this year, the men and women of our military, both past and present, are being honored and applauded for their efforts to secure our freedom and way of life.

The threat of radical Islamic terrorism has been a heavy theme at the conference, with Republican candidates seemingly the only party aware that our country is currently at war, and our military will be called upon once more to stop the enemy.

Even former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, known for her rousing commentary and political barbs, made veterans and PTSD a staple of her very straight-forward speech.

Included in this year’s conference was an American Hero Award presented by Retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North. The recipient, awarded posthumously, was American Sniper Chris Kyle.

Via CNS News:

As part of a tribute to the U.S. military at the Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban Maryland on Thursday, Retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North presented the American Hero award to Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle posthumously.

“The recipient of this award must be someone who selflessly puts him or herself at risk to the benefit of others,” North said. “That’s the real definition of a hero, and that certainly defines the recipient of our annual American hero award.

“This year’s CPAC NRA Freedom Alliance recipient … repeatedly demonstrated the qualities of courage, integrity, perseverance and honor when he could have done less without criticism,” North said.

“He honed his God-given gifts and talents and repeatedly risked his own life to save the lives of others on difficult and dangerous battlefields,” North said. “He was chosen unanimously by the NRA and Freedom Alliance boards of directors to be the recipient.

“It’s my privilege as the chairman of the NRA’s Military and Veterans Affairs Committee to present this year’s American Hero award posthumously to United States Navy SEAL and American Hero Chris Kyle.”

While liberals such as Michael Moore refer to him as a “coward,” or Seth Rogen, who equates his actions to that of a fictional Nazi sniper, conservatives and the rest of America have proven that they view Kyle as a true American hero.

Thank God for men like Chris Kyle.