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This Is The Most American Way To Cook A Christmas Turkey, EVER!

Christmas Turkey

If there’s anything more ‘Merica than this, we have yet to see it.

Austin Haughwout posted a YouTube video where he prepares a holiday meal for the family.

Haughwout wanted to enjoy a nice turkey dinner, so naturally he attached a flamethrower to a drone and blasted away.

You know, the usual method for holiday cooking.

Via the Hartford Courant:

For the second time in a year, a video showing a modified drone — this time, with a flamethrower — appeared on a YouTube channel associated with Austin Haughwout of Clinton.

And, once again, police are saying there’s not much they can do about it.

The video, which appears to have been posted on YouTube by Haughwout, shows flames shooting out of a drone as it hovers near a turkey skewered on a rod in the woods. The flames sear the bird, setting it on fire, along with some brush behind it.

Watch the culinary expert in action …

A policy expert and legislative director for the ACLU said the drone/flamethrower video “shows a need for comprehensive drone regulation.”

We think it shows a need for a plate and a side of mashed potatoes!

Comment: What are your thoughts on the flamethrowing drone? Cool idea or dangerous effort? Chime in with your take below.