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These Americans Were Turned Away From An NFL Game Because Of “Terrorism”


Americans need to fine-tune their understanding and power to differentiate. It’s imperative in these sensitive times so we don’t end up shooting our friends by mistake.

The men in the picture above were almost turned away from the Broncos-Chargers game by stadium security, who told the men the only way they were going to be able to get into the stadium was if they first removed their turbans.

These men are Sikhs, not Muslims.

One of the men, Verinder Malhi, explained to the guard that their religion prohibited the men from removing their turbans.

Malhi explained to 10 News, “Everybody is kind of confusing us with the turbans, because what you see on TV is mostly the terrorists, they wear turbans.”

“But our turbans is different, our faith is different, our beliefs are different.”

“It’s bad,” he continued, “I mean, this is embarrassing for me. We are Americans at the end of the day. And we are not supposed to be afraid of fellow Americans.”

Sikhism has no relation to Islam. Sikhism is a religion that is predominately practiced in India, in the Punjab region. It is linked to Hinduism.

To add insult to injury, the men were also stopped and searched by a bomb squad unit after the game. A fellow football fan had called police and reported the men for “fussing around” with something in the trunk of the car before the game.

When they were questioned about it, the men told authorities they were putting a bag in the trunk because they knew they could not carry it into the game. The NFL only allows fans to carry small transparent bags so the contents may be seen by security at the gates.

Watch their story here:

HT: CBS Sports, NY Daily News

There is a huge difference between Muslims and Sikhs and I don’t condone what happened to them but if I were walking down the street, my ignorance would have classified them as Muslims. I know better now. What are your thoughts about this situation? Leave your comments below and share this story on Facebook or Twitter.