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Americans and the World Ask: Where Was Obama?

Following one of the worst terror attacks in French history last week, Paris held a unity rally on Sunday, which was the largest demonstration in the French capital perhaps ever (it’s unclear if the numbers top that of liberation). Over three and a half million people from across the world poured into the streets, including 40 world leaders marching arm in arm against terror. It remains to be seen if this, and many other steps the French have taken will do anything to curb radical Islamist terror, but the rally was a potential first step in a turning point in Europe. It was planned with enough notice for world leaders to clear their schedules and attend, and attend they did. All except President Obama, that is. The White House didn’t send the President, the Vice President, or any of his cabinet officials to march in the rally. Attorney General Eric Holder was even in town for another event, but inexplicably left early. This was the question on everyone’s mind at the rally:

CNN Where Was Obama

Being the President of the United States is a full-time job, weekends included. What was on Obama’s schedule after his long two-week holiday in Hawaii? Nothing. This is what President Obama’s public schedule looked like the day of the rally:

Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 7.49.54 AM

And, for good measure, the day before:

Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 7.50.50 AM

And the day after:

Screenshot 2015-01-12 at 7.51.00 AM

President Obama might have a good reason for not attending the rally in Paris, but his public schedule certainly does not indicate what that reason is. Many have made note of the security measures that would have had to take place for President Obama to attend the public rally safely. That is a concern, but does not explain why another cabinet official did not attend instead. National Review’s Jim Geraghty isn’t buying it. He tweeted this morning:

Even the normally liberal New York Daily News had harsh words for the President this morning:


Comment below! Do you think Obama should have attended? Why do you think he didn’t?


Comments on “Americans and the World Ask: Where Was Obama?”

  1. Juan Two Three says:

    Yeah…what stupid excuses Earnst made for this political zero!! If Netenyahu had the guts and determination to go, Obongoloid sure as hell should have. With our crack pot Secret Servvice/CIA/FBI and the French Government protection, he could have flown in on Sunday morning and left Sunday evening….Obama is just too chicken to be seen with Netenyahu, the Palestianian terrorist Abbas, Hollande and Merkel. They have more dignitity and balz than Obama or any of his minion Administration has(i.e. Holder, Kerry, Biden, et.al) He had to show his Muslim Brotherhood terrorists friends that he doesn’t like Jews or any anti-Islamic countries….even Canadian Prime Minister Harper said “We are at war with Islam throughout the world. They want to bring the war to our soil but we can not let them win or defeat our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom to Gather….” Obama is weak and he needs to get back on that pink GIRLS bicycle with his little helmet! That’s a better fit for him rather than trying to be President of the U.S. He has once again embarassed the United States to our NATO and Allies!