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Liberals Think ‘America Was Never Great’ – Here’s How Patriots RESPONDED!


Leave it to liberals to have a problem with July 4th. Of course, it is a bit predictable. Why celebrate a holiday about a group of patriots refused to pay their taxes and revolted with firearms?

On Twitter, the hashtag #AmericaWasNeverGreat trended, which essentially consisted of liberal whining about how America was never great because it was never perfect. Where is the best alternative to America? I doubt they’d be able to give an answer.

Nonetheless, the sane part of Twitter hijacked the hashtag, and some of the replies are worth sharing:

Think anyone in any socialist or communist country around the world has the freedom to tweet their disdain for their country? Of course not. America is great enough to give these idiots attacking it on our Independence Day the right to Tweet whatever they want.

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