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ABC Host Gets DESTROYED For Saying These Two ‘Racist’ Words’!

Amy Robach

“Good Morning America” host Amy Robach decided she wasn’t comfortable saying “black people” and used the word “colored people” and got blasted on social media. This country is so politically correct, I am getting more sick of it every day. Who’s in charge of this madhouse? Who’s the originator?

If you are offended by someone saying colored people, you better check yourself into a mental institution because there is something wrong with you. I am a black American not phased by any of it because I am so past that these days. Too many grown children running things.

From Newsmax:

Amy Robach apologized Monday for using the phrase “colored people” on the air Monday after the “Good Morning America” co-host received backlash.

Robach’s comment came during a segment discussing the rumored role of former Disney star Zendaya as Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” said Entertainment Weekly.

“We all know Hollywood has received recent, and quite a bit of criticism for casting white actors in what one might assume should be a role reserved for colored people,” said Robach.

“They are no longer what black people prefer to be called, but only the N-word was always used as an epithet, being a direct charge that a black person is inferior,” said McWhorter, who has authored books on race relations.

“That isn’t true of colored or Negro, as is clear from the simple fact that both terms are proudly preserved in the names of bodies such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the United Negro College Fund,” he noted.

If one of Fox and Friends’ anchors said this, the liberal press would be asking for their heads!!

Soooooo, when is the NAACP going to change the name of their organization? So, is there a pamphlet listing what we can and cannot say? PCness has run amok. Although I must admit, white is a color, so maybe we should just say Americans who live..because face it, the inference is always for people who live in the poorest inner city areas.

You can say, people of color, but not colored people, stop the world and let me off. I am one confused person of color/colored person.

Don’t you feel the liberal political correctness agenda has taken it too far? I feel you should be to say what you want as you know there will be consequences but do you agree this Young woman should not have been attacked for saying colored people? Share your voices in the comment section below don’t forget to share their story on your social media page.