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Actress Amy Schumer Wanted To Be The Victim But THIS Fan Is Fighting Back

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While I think people should respect celebrities’ personal space (it would annoy the hell out of me to have someone constantly asking for autographs or photos), I feel zero sympathies for Amy Schumer – especially after seeing the video the guy posted of the interaction.

Schumer seems to have made a much bigger deal out of this encounter than it was, and I think it’s irresponsible for someone with four million followers to post someone’s picture and trash them. I didn’t know that much about her before, and I don’t want to know anything about her now.

I fully understand personal space being invaded as inappropriate. That being said. However, her saying she doesn’t owe anyone anything is a different ballgame altogether. Her career is one of the few where EVERYTHING is owed to the fans/audience, as they are the ONLY reason they have a career.


From SFGate:

Some say the price of being a celebrity is the loss of a private life, and being bombarded by paparazzi and overenthusiastic fans is part of the bargain.

Comedian Amy Schumer and a man have differing accounts of an incident that happened on Saturday, where a fan began recording a video of Schumer in Greenville, S.C.

Schumer posted a photo of a man, later identified as Leslie Brewer, and wrote that Brewer put a camera in her face and when she asked him to stop, the man said, “No, it’s America and we paid for you.”

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Brewer, however, disagreed with Schumer’s account and reached out to Fox Carolina, the local broadcast news station, to tell his side of the story.

Brewer said he found out that Schumer was in the area through other pedestrians. When he saw the comedian, he took out his phone and started recording, but stopped when she asked. He then said the two began to argue about him shooting the video and that Schumer walked away before returning to take his photo.

Watch the video here:

FOX Carolina 21

I always thought comedians were very intelligent. She didn’t handle this situation well. Especially as she is a comedian. Bummer

I understand both sides, however, and I mean a big however, when you ascend to the level of public figure whether it is a weatherman or a comedienne, you now belong to the public. You take their money and you do owe the public something. But, there must be respect and dignity to both sides.

H/T- FoxNews, SFGate

What do you think of this actress plan the victim card? What do you think about this fan who wanted to keep his integrity intact fighting back? Show your comments below in the comments section.