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An Aussie Was Banned from Facebook… You Won’t Believe Why!


Where would we be without Facebook? All those hilarious updates, outrageous posts, and heartwarming photos of loved ones keep us connected with our friends and family more than ever before.

So please spare a thought for this poor Australian man, who attempted three times to create a Facebook page for himself. And, three times he was denied by the Facebook police.

Why? Well, take a good look at his Vietnamese name. But we warned: don’t read it out loud if you are at work:


That’s right, poor Phuc Dat Bich was denied because Facebook authorities thought his name was a rude fake.

In desperation, Bich posted a copy of his passport online to prove his real name, and his story garnered over 125,000 likes on Facebook … the same social media platform he was banned from using.

Thankfully, authorities have now relented and given him the page he wanted. But he may come to regret the decision once he sees his Facebook feed full of inane garbage and requests to play Candy Crush.

What do you think of this man’s unfortunate predicament? Let us know below.

H/T: London Mail