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An Officer Sees a Dog Being Swept Away in a Mudslide – What He Does Next Is Purely Selfless!

1saving dog 2

A mudslide has devastated part of Columbia and claimed dozens of lives. This terrifying moment captured on film shows two who just escaped death by an inch!

A group of Colombian police officers rushed frantically to save the life of a little dog who was swept up in the dangerous mudslide. In the footage (below) you can see how rapidly and powerfully the muddy water is moving. Officers had to run along the rugged terrain to keep up as the dog was being dragged in the water. Eventually one officer saw his chance. Risking his own life, he jumps into the quickening current and grabs the dog as he was being rushed along.


Once safely ashore, the blessed little dog is given CPR and first aid for his minor wounds. Reports say he will be okay.

1saving dog 3

H/T: SkyNews

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