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An Unexpected Message Appears on Charleston Shooter’s Facebook Page


The man who shot and killed nine innocent people in an historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, had a Facebook page. Dylann Storm Roof wasn’t very active on social media, yet the page was there with one singular comment that will move you to tears.

Marcus Stanley, a gospel singer from Virginia, searched for the killer’s Facebook profile after hearing news reports of his name, prior to his capture.

Stanley didn’t send a message of hatred or express his desire to see the shooter himself killed.

Instead, he had a message of God’s love and compassion.

Here is Stanley’s message:


via WTVR:

Noted Gospel musician Marcus Stanley called ‘Amazing Grace’ his favorite song because it reminded him of God’s love for him. Stanley said it was that love that propelled him to write a now viral Facebook post to Dylann Roof. He posted the message while Roof was on the run after allegedly murdering nine people at a Charleston, South Carolina church.

“I was only able to approach it that way because of God leading me on what to say to him,” Marcus said.

Incredible. Even in the midst of such a vile and evil act, Stanley managed to find a message of God’s love for the killer.

Could you have been so forgiving to such an evil person?