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Must Watch: Trump’s Campaign Manager DESTROYS NBC Host’s Pathetic Defense Of Hillary!

Andrea Mitchell

As you will see in the videos below, MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell is absolutely terrible as a TV reporter, journalist, whatever the hell you want to call her. She’s totally unable to maintain any objectivity and fawns all over the despicable serial liar that is Hillary Clinton.

Mitchell was interviewing Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, and speaking about how Trump and his supporters were browbeating Clinton over her “deplorable” gaffe. Conway said this wasn’t a gaffe, Hillary was reading this statement from a prepared script and then she cited an interview with an Israeli news station where Clinton had originally said it. Mitchell jumped to the rescue to save Hillary but it was too late,

From NewsBusters:

Mitchell feebly attempted to deliver Clinton campaign spin to excuse the controversy: “She had not said half – she had not said half of the supporters previously. She had referred to the deplorables, but she had not used that categorization, the quantifying it in terms of half the supporters.”

The anchor then tried to promote Clinton as more substantive: “You know, according to the Associated Press, that did a survey on issues….Donald Trump had seven issues on his website totaling some 9,000 words. Hillary Clinton had 38 issues on her website with 112,000 words.”

Conway pushed back:

Well, the hundred and some thousand words definitely sounds like what a politician, a bureaucrat does, they do it with our tax codes, they do it on their websites. If we’re going to run this election expecting voters to go to our websites and figure out what these people believe on policy, I respect the voters more than that….This idea that we’re going to do it on websites and just – Mrs. Clinton’s gonna will fly around just raising money and not talking to voters? I think it’s a losing formula and I hope they stick with it.

Here is the interview here:

Mitchel goes on to ‘dissect’ Hillary’s words, attempting to defend her comments again!

What Conway was speaking about was during an interview with an Israeli news station, Hillary used that “deplorable” statement against Trump supporters. This starts at 1:52 in the video below

Mitchell has absolutely no credibility as a journalist . Her extreme liberal bias and absolute devotion to the Clintons makes her unfit to report on any news topic. Andrea and the rest of her cohorts should be choking and coughing on their lies just like their mentor Hillary. “Contagious” pneumonia.

You got a chance to watch the interview and then how Hillary split Trump supporters into two halves. Do you think Kellyanne was correct before Mitchell jumped in to torpedo her response? Share your opinions below in the comment section and let me know what you think.