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Angry Atheists Go After School District… Over a Painting?!

athiest painting

What will atheists complain about next?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to a Putnam City School District in Oklahoma telling them to remove a painting called “Faith in America.”

The painting, which shows two children praying in front of an American Flag, has hung in a school office for decades.

The atheist’s attorney said that the painting violates the Establishment Clause in the Constitution, and wrote:

“This is posted in the office, where students are often required to go on school matters. They are forced into regular contact with the painting by the government…And in any school context coercion is virtually assumed.”

You’ve got to be kidding!

Luckily, the school district responded to the atheists, saying that the painting does not violate the Establishment Clause and refused to remove it from the office.

Kudos to Putnam County School District for standing up to the angry atheists!

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Comments on “Angry Atheists Go After School District… Over a Painting?!”

  1. Proud says:

    We all, I mean businesses, school districts, etc must put a stop to Atheists groups and stand our ground! The more they get their way the more powerful they’re becoming.