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BREAKING: Major Muslim Leader Finally Arrested For Supporting ISIS!

 Anjem Choudary

Britain’s most notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary is finally facing jail, and it couldn’t come soon enough. Choudary appears on U.S. television news programs spewing his hate every so often at the dismay of many loyal viewers. My friend Sean Hannity even has him on to destroy him for his crowd, actually to make him look stupid.

Choudary has been preaching hate for a while now. Why did it take so long to bring him to trial? The police have followed him for years logging his every word. Don’t tell me it was the fear of being called racist or not being politically correct that allowed him to brainwash young men who went on to fight against us.

From Daily Mail:

Britain’s most notorious hate preacher was in jail last night after two decades of taunting authorities and peddling extremism on the streets of Britain.

For years, Anjem Choudary has been the smug public face of radical Islam, organising street protests against British troops and espousing his poisonous views in TV interviews.

He is believed to have inspired at least 110 Britons into committing terrorist acts.

Police also think he helped encourage up to 850 fanatics to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS.

His now-banned radical group has links to 15 terror plots, including the murder of Lee Rigby and the 7/7 attacks.

The father-of-five and his family also milked hundreds of thousands of pounds from the benefits system.

But he was finally snared by police for inciting support for ISIS in a series of online lectures.

Choudary has repeatedly provoked the British public with a series of stunts in which his followers burned remembrance poppies and disrupted Armistice Day events.

Here is the legion he was allowed to create over the past 20 years.

 Anjem Choudary

Watch this clip of Choudary:

Let’s pray that the judiciary rise to the occasion and give full backing to the police, by way of delivering the severest sentences possible, as both a long overdue punishment and a deterrent to such evil-minded others in Britain.

Liberals claim Islam is a religion of peace yet all the hateful speech is quoted in the Quran. Muslims are like a rugby football team. The radicals/terrorist are the strikers. The extremists are the midfielders who defend the radicals. The defenders are the moderate Muslims who create diversions, deflects, defend and save Islam from legitimate criticisms n any accusations. They work as a team though they create a perception that the defenders have nothing to do with the strikers. The liberals are like goalies who jump in to defend when the situation gets worse with statements like Islam is a peaceful religion.

I am glad he got caught. This man has blood on his hands and is responsible for deaths too. He should be charged with murder and sentenced accordingly!

H/T – Daily Mail Pic/Video, Daily Mail

What do you think should happen to Choudary? Should he face death? Should he be deported? Share your voice below in the comment section and let us know what you think.