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Longtime Trump Ally Just Attacked His Amnesty Plan – Was She Right?

Trump Ann Coulter

With all the talk of Donald Trump changing his stance on immigration, some of his supporters are having knee jerk reactions as they start to question the GOP nominee. One of those supporters and surrogates that I connect with on social media is Ann Coulter.

She’s been a Trump fan from the start and has been promoting his message for the last year, so when Coulter has something to say about a softening of his immigration policy if he is elected, then she is someone that you might want to listen to.

Trump Ann Coulter

From Newsmax:

GOP nominee Donald Trump should “quit listening to people who worked for rivals he crushed” when it comes to his policies on immigration, and questions about mass deportations of undocumented immigrants are “completely retarded,” outspoken conservative author Ann Coulter said Saturday.

“The law is the law,” Coulter told talk show host Larry Kudlow on his WABC radio program Saturday while discussing comments Trump made during a town hall meeting this week about the possibility of allowing otherwise law-abiding immigrants to remain in the United States if they pay back taxes.

Coulter lashed out on Twitter the next day about Trump’s changing stance on immigration, and on Saturday continued to speak out on the issue.

“These are the lies being told to the American people” by immigration reform backers like the Senate’s “Gang of Eight,” Coulter said, and further placed blame for Trump’s statements at the feet of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, who has been advising Trump after leaving the network following allegations of sexual harassment by several female correspondents.

“Ailes ran the largest Marco Rubio super PAC, Fox News,” Coulter groused to Kudlow, pointing out that Trump was telling Hannity one thing on immigration while contradicting those words in other speeches during the week.

She also railed against Trump’s statements that he’d be willing to work with immigrants who have been living in the United States illegally.

I believe that Trump is trying to to do what is right. He was the first one to travel to Louisiana and donated a truckload of supplies and talked to some of the victims. If that is not doing something right then I don’t know what is.

Immigration is a long term problem but requires a plan. First, secure the borders (plural). Second, get the visa program accountable. Get a list of every person who has overstayed their visa for over six months, create a special enforcement unit to locate and enforce the removal of overstays. Third, authorize work permits to those needing jobs. Fourth, create special commissions to review all persons in this country for more than five years as a result of unauthorized entry.

Last but not least, let Congress set criteria for entry and reentry when set criteria are met. Take beginning steps to address this problem and stop kicking the can down the road as we do about the national debt.

Trump has our best interests at heart but the establishment hacks that might have infiltrated the campaign are motivational busters, and I hope they get weeded out very quickly before it’s too late. Do I agree with Coulter? Yes and no. She should have talked to Trump privately instead of publicly.

What do you think of Coulter’s stand? Do you think Trump is being hurt but establishment hacks? Add your opinion to the comment section below and let me know what you think about her cautious rebuke.