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Ann Coulter Turns Down Request From Illegal Immigrant – What Was It?

During a televised interview on Univision, an illegal immigrant asked author Ann Coulter for a hug “as a sign of my humanity and yours.”

Coulter, upon hearing of the woman’s illegal status promptly responded with “No, get on with the question.”

At first, Gaby Pacheco, tried to get Coulter to give her a hug without revealing her status. But Coulter politely explained that she had just gotten over the flu.

It was then that Pacheco revealed she was “undocumented” and the conservative author of the new book, Adios, America, would have absolutely none of it.


Pacheco noted that Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave her a hug when she asked nearly five years ago.

If you thought Coulter was controversial in turning the illegal immigrant’s request down, as is her style, she didn’t back down on anything thereafter either.

Via Mediaite:

During the same interview, (Jorge) Ramos confronted Coulter about her belief that Americans should “fear immigrants” from Mexico “more than ISIS.”

“I have a little tip,” Coulter told him. “If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria. If you don’t want to be killed by a Mexican, there’s nothing I can tell you.”

Pressed by Ramos to explain the basis of her argument, Coulter said that “there are cultures that are obviously deficient” and that if that were not the case the host would never [have] immigrated to America.

“America is the best in the world, and we are about to lose it,” she warned. “Everyone who lives here is going to lose that.”

Coulter’s love of America trumps the gotcha games illegals may want to play, and she refuses to hide it.

Comment: Did Ann Coulter overreact to the request of an illegal immigrant, or was it a perfect response?



  1. Mary says:

    I wouldn’t hug her either, this lady is goofy. Go back to Mexico, take friends and family with you

  2. Mike says:

    Haters will hate. She didn’t want to play any games, she moved the conversation forward. Good for her. How refreshing. Note to illegal aliens, you don’t have the power to force people to hug you so you can grandstand or cry foul. We can love people and still obstain from honoring activities that are illegal. Personally I don’t hug people I don’t know as a general rule, especially people who might not have my best interests at heart. Databyter

  3. Rick says:

    She seems proud of the fact she’s been breaking our laws for 22 years. She can get her hugs in prison.

  4. Juanita says:

    I wouldn’t hug her either..it was a set up!!!

  5. Daniel says:

    Ann Coulter is renowned for her hatred of foreigners. She should have accepted the hug.

    See “Ann Coulter’s Xenophobic Anti-Gospel of Hate” at http://t.co/aQGhLuWwtD.

    1. JimJimmy says:

      you Daniel seem to be unknown because of your stupidity, you should accept that noted fact an move on to crayons an a coloring book!