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Anti-Gun Loon Reporter Tries To Embarrass Veteran: Watch What Really Happened!


You know nothing Jon Snow.

At least that’s how it seemed after a pro-Second Amendment veteran appeared on the British reporter’s show and dismantled attack after attack on his character and his country, affirming his support for gun rights.

The left has actually been pointing at this exchange as a victory for the anti-gun crazie, or ‘nutter’ as he prefers.

Headlines include:


This American made a big mistake trying to defend gun crime to the UK

But that’s not what happened at all.

Neil McCabe appeared with Jon Snow and was blasted with loaded, repeated questions that could only be answered in a certain way to push the reporter’s agenda.

Still, McCabe managed to return fire with some very poignant responses.

Via The Blaze:

The exchange between McCabe and Channel 4 reporter John Snow began when the British journalist asked, “are you proud of a country that manages to see the deaths of 13,338 people from gun shot wounds from guns fired by civilians in your country in one year?”

McCabe refused to answer the question and instead asserted that he was a proud veteran of the war in Iraq and could not be held responsible for that statistic.

“I do know that murders by guns have been falling at least for the last six years,” McCabe said. “And I do know a lot of Americans, like myself, feel no obligation to be a victim, and if this is a massacre after massacre country as your reporter described, I would prefer to be armed, rather than disarmed.”

“People die, people are murdered, it’s human nature, but in those situations, there’s no obligation to be a victim,” he continued later in the interview. “I don’t want to hide under a desk. I would rather have a gun to protect myself.”

Snow’s entire premise involved the statistics he had at hand, so he never veered from saying the same thing repeatedly. When he brought up the number of Americans who have died from gunshot wounds this year, McCabe retorted, “I don’t celebrate those numbers like you seem to.”

Watch the entire exchange below and you decide who won the debate …

Comment: Who made the better arguments – the reporter who could only repeat a statistic handed to him prior to the interview, or the veteran who explained that in a dangerous world, people would be better off armed than disarmed?