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Miley Cyrus Made An Appearance In The NFL, And Made Everyone SICK!

antonio brown twerk

Antonio Brown, wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who is widely regarded as the best wide receiver in the NFL, had a fantastic game on Monday night. He hauled in eight catches for 126 yards and two scores.

He also had one twerk – for those who are counting.

Following Brown’s second score of the night, he had a little something in store for fans. A little something that will cost him over $12,000. Yep, a twerk, possibly in honor of pop star Miley Cyrus.

Way to be the NO FUN LEAGUE, you’re all for legalized VIOLENCE but not for a little dancing after a touchdown?

From Yahoo Sports:

The No Fun League has a clause in its voluminous rules that you just have to get familiar with.

The little-known but suddenly relevant resolution can be found on page 200 of the 292-page NFL bylaws, and it came into play after Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver scored his second touchdown of the game Monday night against the Washington Redskins.

First, Brown’s celebration — in all its prurient glory, ladies and gentlemen can be viewed in the video above.

And now, folks, here’s your NFL-administered dose of saltpeter:


Watch the player having fun before he would be fined $12,000:

Let me even get political with this. This Steelers wide receiver gets a penalty flag thrown for his celebration dance but the players who kneel for the anthem don’t get penalized? I say you want to kneel, you stay kneeling the whole game on the sidelines without pay!

That was one of the funny moments in this game. I don’t understand why the NFL penalized him for doing pretty much what the cheerleaders do. The NFL sees this as a problem Colin Kaepernick disrespecting the National Anthem is okay? This is ridiculous. Your laughable calls that are driven entirely by money are shameful.

Do you think the dance was too sexual in nature? Do you think the player should be fined $12,000? Did the NFL go too far? Share your opinion below in the comment section, let me know what you think about it.