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Soap Opera Star Supports Trump And Just Smacked Down Liberals!

antonio sabato jr

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr is being blacklisted by Hollywood for being a Trump supporter and wanting the country to be great again and he’s not happy at all.

I have also been insulted for being a Trump supporter. I don’t care. Today as in days past the media claims black Americans, women and Latinos are not voting for Trump. I’m here to tell you that’s a lie from the media depths of hell.

Liberals are haters, racists, hate freedom of speech, hate authority, are prejudice, dividers, and they know nothing about economics. In general, they hate this country, maybe because deep down they hate themselves.

From Fox News:

Actor and Donald Trump supporter Antonio Sabato Jr. says he has been blacklisted in Hollywood because of his conservative political beliefs.

Sabato¬†went “On The Record” tonight, telling Greta Van Susteren that he believes you should be able to support whatever party and candidate you want without facing repercussions in your career.

“When I got back from the RNC in Cleveland, I had some jobs lined up. And I investigated why those jobs weren’t there anymore, and apparently it was because of my support for Mr. Trump,” Sabato said.

Sabato said that even though he’s had to deal with losing work and endure being called names like “racist” on social media, he’s also been getting support.

He revealed that he’s received calls and messages from many people in the entertainment industry who have told him how brave he’s been to speak out.

“I’ll be in the business. I’ll keep working. And I have great people who support me,” Sabato said.

He added: “We need a better future for this country, and Donald Trump is going to give us that.”

Well said, Antonio! These liberal anarchists used the wrong word on you; instead of calling you a “racist,” you should be called as a “Patriot!” These anarchic liberals like to label whoever don’t agree with them “racist;” in fact, they are anti-American & anti-US Constitution. As an American, I am very proud of your bravery and honesty; together, let’s support Trump and make our country great again

Calling Trump a racist is the biggest joke of this election I have ever individuals heard. What Trump has done for Blacks and Hispanic people and Jewish people and people other than whites over the years is proof Trump is anything other than a racist. If you are calling Trump a racist you are either a racist or know nothing of Trump’s real history.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Liberal conversation is full of hateful, racist rhetoric yet I have never witnessed a more hateful, racist, vindictive group of people.

    1. Ron says:

      Trump advised women to get another job or career if the get discriminated against. I suggest you take his advice Mr. Sabato and shut up.

  2. Vonnie says:

    Yes, I support Antonio in his speaking out for Mr. Trump! People should not be barred from jobs in their profession because of their political choices. Another example of how being “politically correct” has changed our country – and NOT in a good way!!

  3. sunnyblues says:

    I agree with everything he said. People are mighty sick of the liberals calling the shots and bullying everybody who disagrees with them. And their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Stand strong, Antonio.