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Are You a Simpsons Fan? This Is Bad News for the Show!


Since the 1980s, Harry Shearer has been providing dozens of voices for the iconic cartoon The Simpsons, including Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers, and Ned Flanders.

But not anymore.

Shearer announced via twitter (aren’t all major announcements made on twitter now?) that he was departing the show after difficulties securing the contract he wanted for the next two seasons.

As a performer who voiced over 100 different characters during time on the show, fans are left asking themselves how will the Springfield-based show continue? At this point, not even Homer Simpson knows for sure.

Head over to celebrity news website TMZ.com for more details.

Are you a fan of The Simpsons? If so, what do you think of this news? Let us know in the comments section below: