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After Spending Time In The Military, Watching Them Give Exceptions For This Angers Me!


From WND:

The U.S. Army has granted one of its officers a religious exception, which allows him to wear a turban and a beard while in uniform. Capt. Simratpal Singh, a 28-year-old Sikh, is the first active-duty soldier given such a religious exception. The West Point graduate, whose military service began at age 18, told CNN on Tuesday that he has always had a “fascination” with the Army because “standing up for the weak and defending the defenseless is very much at the core of the Sikh psyche.”

Eric Baxter of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty applauded the Pentagon’s decision. “No American should have to face religious discrimination to serve their country – especially not top-notch, battle-tested soldiers like Captain Singh,” Baxter said, the Sikh Foundation reported April 1. “We will continue fighting for the right of all Sikh Americans to serve without violating their faith.”

Once again someone that is a minority yells discrimination and our government bends. There is a standard that everyone has to follow, and he is no exception! I spent eight years in the United States Air Force, and the military has rules and laws soldiers must follow, we all know that. 

This type of whining, and I call it whining, weakens our armed forces. If you do not like the rules of this country or the military, then don’t come here and don’t join the military. Why is it that one person or a group of people feel they are above the law and others?

What it comes down to is that the military has become part of the broader social experiment. This has less to do with Religious Freedom than it does to dismantle our Military one chip at a time by the left which believes we shouldn’t have a military at all.

Doesn’t it seem like every single liberal president has allowed more and more of this behavior to continue, especially the ones that never served their country a day in their entire miserable life like Barack Obama?

I think he can KISS his Army career “Good-Bye”  for going through courts to get his way instead of the chain of command. He will probably be retired when he doesn’t get his next promotion step.

 This is very personal to me because of the time I spent serving under the laws of the military. We had to conform and follow these guidelines, or we could face punishment. Before you raise your hand to join, you are given papers to sign and agree to follow these rules, and this goes to everyone. The military should not be used as a breeding ground for trying out new things, and I am not happy at all.

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Comments on “After Spending Time In The Military, Watching Them Give Exceptions For This Angers Me!”

  1. Rick says:

    Where is the ACLU…this is government putting first one religion over another…that is why a christian christmas stable can’t be on government grounds