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Arrogant Cruz Just Blamed THIS Candidate For Losing To Trump!

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It’s nice to see Sen. Ted Cruz’s principles coming to the forefront. It’s everybody else who’s to blame.

I have been reading that so many people talk about how Sen. Marco Rubio didn’t back Sen. Ted Cruz and how Cruz fans thought it was an act of betrayal. Maybe Rubio was positioning himself for a VP slot. Either way on Sunday, the Cruz campaign dropped a bombshell that Rubio was the reason they lost to Trump during the election.

The Cruz campaign said they reached out to Rubio but the Florida Senator didn’t want to he a part of that scenario. There is no concrete reason that anyone knows but I think Rubio might be Trump’s VP choice.


From Newsmax:

If Sen. Marco Rubio had agreed to become Sen. Ted Cruz’s running mate, the duo could have stopped Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee for president, Cruz officials told CNN.

In the aftermath of Trump being left as the only remaining Republican candidate in the primaries this week, several officials in the Cruz campaign said the Texas senator offered Rubio the vice presidential spot in early March after their internal polls showed such a combined ticket would easily defeat the real estate mogul in several states which at that point had not yet voted.

But those officials told CNN that Rubio was not interested in the idea. Officials in the Florida senator’s campaign said there was never such a concrete offer. They added that in any case Rubio would have rejected it because such a ticket would be effective in defeating Trump, especially since both candidates are of Cuban heritage and as senators would have been viewed as being two insiders ganging up on an outsider, which would have played into Trump’s storyline.

Trump is no idiot. He recognizes the appeal that Rubio has and has been saying very nice things about him since he withdrew from the race. Trump understands that he needs Rubio to a point even though many of his supporters do not think so. For Rubio, Trump is the connection into the high paying jobs (million dollar plus or more) in private industry. Trump understands this. Trump also knows that he needs to unite the Republican/Conservative movement to win the presidency in the fall. To do this he needs Rubio.

Even if Trump decides to ask Rubio to be his running mate, there is going to be an upside for Rubio. If Trump does lose, Rubio’s argument will be that he was the good soldier and went down with the ship trying to do everything he could to win in November. That will leave Rubio as the next in line four years from now.

Do you think Rubio should have joined Cruz’s campaign to stop Trump? Do you think Trump will pick Rubio as his VP running mate? Share your thoughts below in our comment section.

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Comments on “Arrogant Cruz Just Blamed THIS Candidate For Losing To Trump!”

  1. Barb says:

    No I do not think he should have join Rubio is better with out Cruz. Cruz would contaminate anyone who would run with him . he is arrogant and very dominating and that would affect Cruz’s running mate. can’t stand Cruz he is bad for our country.