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Did God Reveal Himself Through This Drought?

Temple of Santiago

Just as the West coast of the United States has been struck by historic drought, so too has much of southern America suffered from a lack of rain water as well.

But in one small, Mexican town, this disaster has a silver lining: After forty years hidden beneath the Grijalva river, the Mexican Temple of Santiago can at last been seen once again.

This beautiful church was built in the sixteenth-century by Friar Bartolome de la Casas, who arrived in the New World in the hope of converting its native people to Christianity.

Temple of Santiago

Plague forced the Christian missionaries to abandon the church in the 1773, and in 1966, a man-made dam flooded the plain on which it was built, hiding it from human eyes forevermore.

Or so we thought.

You see, as has been reported by IFLScience.com, the drought “has caused the water level in Nezahualcoyotl reservoir to decrease by 25 meters (82 feet).”

The result? Beautiful images like this:

Temple of Santiago

Local fisherman are now offering boat ride around the ruins, so if you are vacationing in Mexico anytime soon, be sure to visit, because you might never again have the chance.

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H/T: IFLScience.com