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In what seems to be the real-world equivalent of The Notebook, a couple married 69 years died minutes apart, holding hands, on Saturday. Over a decade ago, Teresa Vatkin began […]


For a business, mixing advertising with politics is often brand suicide. Who could forget Target taking a stance on the transgender bathroom “debate” while North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill” was a […]

Tax plan

Donald Trump’s tax plan was released yesterday, and as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin described, it will amount to the biggest tax cut in American history. The proposed tax plan compared […]

seventy years

What makes for a long and healthy marriage? Who better to ask than a couple that’s been married for 70 years? Far longer than most of you reading this have […]

freedom tower

It took nearly a decade and a half after the World Trade Centers were brought down for New York City to break ground on reconstructing its replacement, the 1776 ft. Freedom […]

trump barack

Former President Barack Obama set plenty of economic records while he was in office, but they aren’t the kind of records he wants to be recognized for. The national debt […]

yale university

Ahead of Halloween in 2015, the behavior of some of Yale University’s students made the institution into a laughing stock in the media. Students surrounded Nicholas Christakis, a professor at Yale, […]

george carlin

Last Saturday marked the 48th Earth Day, the first being in 1970. Around the time of the first Earth Day, a number of environmental claims were made that in hindsight […]


One man is making sure that veterans get the remembrance and respect they deserve, even after they leave us. 46-year-old Andrew Lumish works six days a week and instead of […]