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In a country like ours that prioritizes religious freedom at the top of our Bill of Rights, it’s illegal to bar someone from holding public office on the basis of […]

Following James Comey’s testimony yesterday, it was Marco Rubio who asked the million dollar question that nobody has yet inquired on, “Do you ever wonder why, of all the things in […]

Unfortunately for the members of ANTIFA (which stands for “anti-fascist,” but I believe “fascists against fascism” would be a better label for them), their enemies fight back. Their latest target […]

Whose Line Is It Anyway

There are plenty of words that sound dirty but aren’t and ABC’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway” knew just how to take advantage of that! The “words that sound dirty but […]


There’s a wise old saying: never count your chickens before they’ve hatched. As someone who studied Finance in college, it’s an adage I’ve always interpreted as referring to investing – […]


While most comedians fear hecklers, Jimmy Carr is known for inviting fans to heckle him during his show. Given how incredibly quick on his feet he is, he never fails […]

jewelry thief

Last week we reported on some “genius” robbers who attempted to steal an ATM using a blowtorch. That went about as well as you’d expect, with their loot being incinerated. […]

child molester

An old case of dad justice from decades ago is going viral on YouTube. I’m rarely a fan of vigilante justice, but in this case, the courts ended up being […]

Bernie Sanders

The former Santa Claus Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had a good run convincing leftists and independents alike that he would be the people’s president – but now that it’s over, […]