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AWESOME: Famous Country Singer Toby Keith Delivers Incredible Surprise to a Military Wife (VIDEO)



If you didn’t already know that famous country singer Toby Keith is a true American patriot, let this video confirm it for you.

It was a late night in September of 2012 in Houston, Texas. Toby called a military wife up on stage to surprise her… and the results will blow you away!

Watch (below) as she joins him in singing his hit “American soldier,” then she is surprised by Major Pete Cruz, her husband who had been stationed in Afghanistan.

She had no idea he was back in America and home safely. You have to watch the whole video and see her priceless reaction…

It’s moments like these that often fill the spaces on the set list of Keith’s concerts, with more sure to be in store for 2015, as Keith embarks on his “Toby Keith Good Times & Pick Up Lines Tour presented by Ford F-Series.”

Announced this week, the tour will kick off on May 29 in California and will hit more than 30 cities throughout the year including Phoenix, Atlanta and Washington D.C.

Add that to the success of his current single “Drunk Americans” and his continued success from his signature Wild Shot Mezcal, which a recent press release stated “will again have a presence on the tour with their inflatable bar offering signature cocktails on select dates,” and it’s safe to say Keith’s schedule and heart is plenty full these days.

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Comments on “AWESOME: Famous Country Singer Toby Keith Delivers Incredible Surprise to a Military Wife (VIDEO)”

  1. Charles says:

    My hat goes off and my heart goes out to those celebs that go more than the distance for our troops and their families.