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AWESOME: Read This CEO’s ‘Apology’ To Bernie Sanders!

Bernie Sanders never managed to hold down a full time job until he was forty years of age – and it was a government job helping people register for food stamps. According to a friend, “the only thing he was good at was talking … non-stop … about socialism and how the rich were ripping everybody off.”

It hasn’t been uphill from there financially. Despite a successful political career, Sanders still has $65,000 of credit card debt under his belt.

He is, as Investors Business Daily put it, the bum who wants your money.

He’s quick to credit everyone’s success to “greed,” – and ironically everyone’s failures to the same source.

One CEO penned an essay sarcastically titled “Dear Bernie Sanders, Sorry I’m the Problem with America” setting him straight on how one becomes wealthy in America. To quote from the relevant parts of his open letter:

I agree with Bernie Sanders. The economy is rigged. In fact, it’s what my father, who is very conservative, taught me about life. Some find it surprising because the general position of liberals seems to be that conservatives don’t realize, or won’t acknowledge, this rigged economy. But my dad’s advice to me time and time again was that the world was rigged and the only way I could make it was to work harder than the people who were in charge of the rigging.

I missed out on a lot, because I worked so much. I didn’t have the life like many of the college students I’ve hired in the last few years. They study what they love — philosophy, political science, art, regardless of whether or not they have good job prospects. They travel. Mostly they seem to go to Vietnam and Cambodia. They eat out a lot more than I did at their age. They know all the trendy restaurants and hot bars.

When I got out of college, I lived well below my means, saving $25,000 so I could start my first business. That business failed miserably. I ended up losing over $50,000 total. It took three years to pay off the credit card debt I wracked up.

Over the next decade, I started three more businesses. Two of which failed. For one of them, a video yellow pages product I built with a friend in 2007, I used to take my vacation days from my “real” job and go door to door, selling video listings to small businesses. I lost a lot of my own money, as my disposable income never went to travel or luxury goods of any kind. It went to business ideas.

I kept at it because I believe, much like Bernie, that the world was rigged against me. I spent every evening after my day job working on side projects, learning new skills, reading. I didn’t own a TV for a long time and, even to this day, I’ve never seen any of the classic shows people like to discuss: The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game Of Thrones. I was working while they were on.

The author managed to become a millionaire – it just took him 15 years of hard work.

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