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AWESOME! What Ted Cruz Just Tweeted About Obamacare Will Make You Want to Cheer!


Ted Cruz has been on a relentless tear ever since the Supreme Court exercised ‘judicial tyranny‘ to uphold Obamacare for a second time, choosing to rewrite the law rather than interpret it.

Now he’s telling his colleagues in the GOP who are running for President that they’d better run on a platform of full repeal for Obamacare, or they need to step aside.

Yesterday, Cruz tweeted his thoughts:

The WCF Courier also reported:

Cruz said the 2016 election should become a referendum on repealing Obamacare. Any GOP presidential candidate who does not fight actively for its total repeal should “step aside,” and party activists should rally behind a full-spectrum constitutional conservative who can restore an America “we can believe in.”

“The last thing the Republican leaders in Washington want to see is millions of Americans across the country mobilizing and coalescing around one strong conservative candidate,” he said.

If repealing Obamacare to save millions in spending, prevent further job loss, allow people to retain their own doctors, and maintain their own healthcare plans, doesn’t sound enticing enough, then Cruz has more to offer.

The Republican senator from Texas would also like to develop reforms to help establish a flat-tax, end Common Core education standards, abolish the IRS, and combat poverty by turning welfare programs into “trampolines, not a hammock.”

Where do we sign up?

Comment – Do you think Ted Cruz or any other Republican candidate will be able to make full repeal of Obamacare a reality?




  1. Richard says:

    Nothing would surprise me anymore. WE THE PEOPLE don’t have a government anymore its all for the rich and crooked politicians. Somebody should take out Ted Cruz he hates American and all the people except for the rich.

    1. Michael says:

      Richard you an idiot. Obamacare needs to be repealed. A flat tax should be in place so everyone pays the same percentage of tax no matter what amount of money they make including the rich. And something needs to be done about all the lazy asses that refuse to get a job and take care of themselves. IF YOU THINK ANY OF THIS IS UNFAIR THEN YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.