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Beautiful Baby Dies During Dental Procedure And Then…

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My heart goes out to this family and what they went through with their infant daughter Daisy. I had twin girls, and I know how I would feel if this happened to me.

Honestly, I was shocked to learn that a 14-month-year-old baby could have cavities so early and need to see a dentist. In all of my life, I’ve never heard that before. We all know that teeth fall out like raindrops until a certain age so I can only imagine what the parents were thinking.

But the shocking part of this story is that the baby girl didn’t even have dental disease. If I was in that situation and I learned that I would not only be more devastated, I would want to ring that dentist neck until I felt satisfaction, if ever.

I’m sorry parents but unless it’s an emergency situation with your infant’s mouth, then do not take them to the dentist until they start losing baby teeth. Also start getting them into the habit of brushing their teeth early on, and don’t feed them a bunch of junk. They can’t want what they don’t know about. You can control their diet still so take advantage!

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From Yahoo News:

For Daisy’s devastated parents, heartbreak turned to anger after the medical examiner’s autopsy concluded that the child likely died of complications relating to the anesthesia, but it also revealed something shocking.

The autopsy said: “One can only speculate as to why any treatment was performed considering no indication of dental disease or pathology.”

The family’s attorney Sean Breen told Inside Edition: “According to the autopsy report, there was nothing wrong with Daisy. She didn’t need the procedure. She died because of the procedure.”

He added: “Why in the world, in the middle of a procedure does a dentist come out and ask a mother: ‘Hey, I’m going put 4 crown on baby teeth a 14 month baby that we know are going fall out anyway.’ People I talked to say [it’s] completely unnecessary.”

Dr. Melanson insists the dental work was necessary and he did nothing wrong.

His attorney sent Inside Edition a statement saying: “There is no evidence that either the mother, the anesthesiologist, or the dentist did anything to cause the event. The best interest of the child was everyone’s only goal. Our hearts continue to go out to the family.”

Money. Dentists charge per procedure. The baby didn’t need the work, but the dentist wanted the money. He should be in jail. Today’s dentists are among the most unethical people I’ve ever met.

Always get second opinions. Dentists poke around & poke around searching for something. Sometimes I even wonder about X-rays. Haven’t you thought to yourself when reviewing x-rays, they don’t look like my teeth. We should be able to obtain our files, X -rays at minimal or NO cost. If you have Dental insurance, they are sure to find something. Will be glad when we can use stem cells to treat or regrow teeth. Enough of this nonsense.

What do you think should happen to the dentist? Should he face charges? Should he hHave his license revoked? Share your thoughts and opinions below in the comment section.