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Amazing! Unborn Baby ‘Salutes’ Former Marine Dad In Sonogram Image!

baby salute

Some may call it a coincidence, but it looks more like a miracle to me. The other day, a Georgia couple had their day made when their 12-week-old unborn baby appeared to salute them, including a military husband, during a recent ultrasound appointment.

One baby shocked his parents after “saluting” them from the womb.

Mehgan Merriott and Robert Cooper, a former marine, told ABC News that their 12-week-old baby raised its hand to its eyebrow like a miniature soldier during a routine sonogram appointment on Sept. 12.

“While they were doing the sonogram the baby was actually sleeping on its side and they tried several times to get him/her to wake up to take the picture that they needed to take,” Merriott of Columbus, Georgia, said. “The baby didn’t want to wake up, then threw [its] hand in the air and then threw it back down.”

baby salute

“I almost cried,” she added. “I thought it was sweet.”

Merriott said her obstetrician, Dr. Daniel Eikleberry, and his nurses enjoyed the moment as did her 3-year-old son, Cambden.

“We thought it was pretty crazy at first,” she said. “The doctors, nurses, my son was there…he looked up at the screen and started laughing.”

H/T ABC News

What a sign of the times it is when an unborn baby shows more respect to our members of the armed forces than our own President! Get the word out of this modern miracle – share this post on Facebook and Twitter