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How Bad is Anti-Israel Bias in the Liberal Media? Here’s A Great Example


Violence has flared up in the Middle East once again, as Palestinian youths have launched a series of knife attacks on Israeli citizens and soldiers, forcing the military to use force in order to defend themselves.

And here in America, the liberal media┬áhas used┬áthis bloodshed as a chance to engage in one of it’s favorite hobbies: attacking the only democracy in the Middle East with anti-Israel propaganda.

Take a look at this map above, which the liberals at MSNBC used to highlight the problems in the region:

Now if you’re not familiar with Middle East politics, you might think that Israel has simply stolen land from Palestine (which is what the liberals want you to think). The truth is that the “state” of Palestine never formally existed, so Israel couldn’t have stolen land from it.

Oh, and those incidences when Israel expanded it’s borders? Those were in response to repeated invasions from hostile neighbors.

But these inconvenient facts are a little too bothersome to the liberals in our media, so they stick to deceptive maps instead.

Many thanks to the guys at Washington Free Beacon for exposing this and prompting MSNBC to issue a swift apology.

What do you think of this misinformation campaign against our ally Israel? Let us know below:


Comments on “How Bad is Anti-Israel Bias in the Liberal Media? Here’s A Great Example”

  1. Clay says:

    I don’t listen to media very often because all they do is lie. I will always be for Israel because they are God’s chosen people. I will be glad when the rapture comes so God will take me from all this evil on earth. May God be with all Israelis.