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Bad News for Public Urination Offenders… You’ll Love the Genius Way This City Is Stopping Them!


It’s a fact universally recognized that we guys are gross.

While women’s public restrooms look like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the men’s rooms often look like a variety of scenes from a horror flick.

And then there are those fellows – usually under the influence of booze – who don’t have time for the restroom and prefer instead to drop trousers in public.

Well, beware gentlemen. Because science is coming to punish to you.

Bigwigs in the city of San Francisco are piloting a scheme to paint outdoor public surfaces in “hydrophobic paint.” That’s the fancy name for paint that will actually splash urine back onto the legs of those who dare to do their dirty business in public.

Called “Ultra-Ever-Dry” this splash resistant paint was pioneered in Germany… because we all know how big the Germans are on discipline.

So if you’re heading to San Francisco, stay dry. And keep it zipped up!

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H/T: Quartz.com