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More BAD News For The “Never Trump” Crowd – Look at This Poll

It’s been a polarized election, with opposition to both front-runners at levels never seen before in recent history.

On the Left we have the “Bernie or Bust” crowd – those who won’t vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances. These diehards make up between 1/4th and 1/3rd of Sanders supporters, depending on which poll you look at. The vast majority don’t plan on voting at all – though some say they will defect for Trump or a third party candidate.

But are these people serious, or just saying this out of frustration with the political system? I can’t help but wonder that about the Bernie diehards, and their equivalent on the Right side of the aisle; the “Never Trump” crowd. As it turns out, the Republican Party is becoming more united behind Trump as time goes on.

In the latest NBC-Wall Street Journal poll Donald Trump Republican support for nominee Donald Trump jumped from 72% to 86% in one month.

#NeverTrumpers hurt the most.

Clinton lost eight points to Donald Trump in one month in the poll – from 50-39 to 46-43.
That’s a complete collapse folks.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

Now – let’s just hope that the Bernie or Bust crowd is a bit more serious in their resentment for their Party’s front-runner.

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Comments on “More BAD News For The “Never Trump” Crowd – Look at This Poll”

  1. Marilyn says:

    Though I do not support Bernie Sanders it is obvious his followers recognize the unbelievable corruption surrounding the Clinton’s. They recognize the danger of putting Clinton in the White House and they know she will never come through with any of the Bernie Sanders promises she echos in an effort to pull them to her side.