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Baltimore Cops Explain Why They Think Crime Is on the Rise… And It’s Not Good for Any of Us


Big tip of the hat to the folks over at hotair.com for flagging this fascinating interview on CNN last night:

These two officers (hidden from the camera so as to protect their careers) are suggesting that cops are now in fear, not of the bad guys on the streets, but of the bad guys in the DA’s office, who are too willing to slap the cuffs on law enforcement officers.

Now every time a cop makes an arrest, detains a suspect, or pulls over a car, it seems everyone is slamming an iPhone in their face in the hope of recording the next example of police brutality.

The consequences, according to the officers, are that cops are now afraid to do their jobs. And as a result, crime is spiking in major cities across the country.

What do you think? Are cops being demonized by an unfriendly media, or finally being held accountable? Let us know below: