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BREAKING: Obama’s Now Officially Taking Over Local Police!

Baltimore Police

So the Justice Department, that refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton, IRS scandal individuals, Fast and Furious, etc., is going to investigate how the Baltimore City Police Department needs changes to become more open and have more integrity

We can trust the DOJ about as much as the FBI.

The problem is not the police but a breakdown of respect for fellow citizens, law, and order, as well as personal responsibility for a significant portion of the population enabled by doltish, corrupt politicians at local, state, and federal level. The Baltimore Police Department is doing its job and the only thing keeping Baltimore and many cities like it from becoming no better than cities in Iraq etc.

From Yahoo News:

Baltimore police officers routinely discriminate against blacks, repeatedly use excessive force and are not adequately held accountable for misconduct, according to a harshly critical Justice Department report being presented Wednesday.

The report, the culmination of a yearlong investigation into one of the country’s largest police forces, also found that officers make large numbers of stops — mostly in poor, black neighborhoods — with dubious justification and unlawfully arrest citizens for speech deemed disrespectful. Physical force is used unnecessarily, including against the mentally disabled, and black pedestrians and drivers are disproportionately searched during stops, the report says.

The Justice Department released a copy of the report in advance of its public announcement at an event Wednesday morning in Baltimore.

The report represents a damning indictment of how the city’s police officers carry out the most fundamental of policing practices, including traffic stops and searches and responding to First Amendment expression. Beyond that, though, it could serve as a blueprint for sweeping changes: The Justice Department is seeking a court-enforceable consent decree to force the police agency to commit to improving its procedures in order to avoid a lawsuit.

The Justice Department in recent years has undertaken similar wide-reaching investigations into the police in Chicago, Cleveland, Albuquerque and Ferguson, Missouri, among other cities.

Wait the police department is racist?? Did I miss something, isn’t the police chief, mayor, city council, and prosecutor all black?

If there are bad police officers, that’s one issue and it definitely needs fixing but where in hell is the DOJ investigation into why Democrat controlled, inner city black men keep killing other Democrat controlled, inner city black men and why good police officers keep getting accused when Democrat controlled, inner city black men keep committing crimes, resisting arrest, attacking police, and getting shot because of it?

What do you think of the DOJ’s report? Don’t you feel it undermines the Baltimore Police Department and gives criminals more rights to create havoc? Share your voices below and let us know what you think.