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Barack Obama Insults Stay-at-Home Mothers, Wants Women OUT OF THE HOUSE

President Barack Obama’s arrogance and sexism was on full display at a recent campaign rally in Rhode Island. Our Campaigner-in-Chief wants women to be full participants in the economy… And he wants to make sure that happens by discouraging mothers from staying home with their children.

Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. And that’s not a choice we want Americans to make.

And there you have it ladies. If you stay at home to raise your children well, Barack Obama thinks you are pathetic. After all, he needs you busy at work so he can reach his hand into your purse and tax you!



  1. Denise says:

    pompous jerk that is Obama!!

  2. Travis says:

    Try watching it in context. He’s specifically referring to families that are already dual-income having to choose delaying or ending one parent’s career path because there is no sufficient childcare available.

  3. Arlond says:

    Spoken like a true politician our fine president can only see the dollar signs from the tax revenue increasing for Washington with these stay at home mothers or fathers being put into our fine labor camps across the USA. President Putin from the Soviet Union doesn’t think like that but if these woman were working I guess probably 40 % of there wage would go for child care if they had one child. There is no benefit for these parents to go to work but it makes a world of difference to stay at home and raise your children the proper way. I bet these parents don’t have to worry about there children taking a weapon to school and shooting other children .

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    HE WAS STICKING UP FOR WOMEN DURING HIS ENTIRE SPEECH. Why are you twisting his words around like that? Didn’t you hear what he said at the end about kids going to school? What he was saying was that he wants to enroll more children in school and daycare with good programming so that moms don’t have to quit their jobs; so that they can support their children. You took a little clip out of a 30 minute speech in an attempt to make Obama look like a sexist guy, and honestly, that’s disgusting. I’m not going to try and change anyone’s opinion about Obama, but if your heart was in the right place, you wouldn’t need to lie to take down someone you didn’t agree with/like. The women in the audience are not brainwashed, nor are they “hypnotized.” I mean, who can sit through a 30 minutes speech surrounded by strangers and maintain a look of wonder? lol… If anyone who reads this article is interested in educating themselves before passing judgement, you can watch the whole clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT5l7ZYGY6I

  5. Pamela says:

    It’s not just more taxes he wants, Obama thinks the his Communist cronies should be indoctrinating our children because we’re all backwards and stupid according to the extreme left. That’s frightening. That’s what happened all over Europe during and right after WWII.

  6. Lorna says:

    Listen everyone, calm down.! The man is about to loose his house and just needs a little attention.

  7. Ed says:

    There is a HUGE difference between someone that is a successful business woman that decides to stay home and raise their children or home-school them, and someone that has NEVER really worked, is on welfare and has a child almost every year for a total of 8 to 10 children. Using the system to get as much money as they can without having to work a real job because the work environment scares them. Classing the two together only shows how out of phase he is with reality and those that really WORK for a living. His stupidity, ignorance, arrogance and how big a BIGOT he really is shows every time he opens his mouth. Times like this are the only times he can manage to tell the truth.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if he could manage that about everything that is important to the citizens of this nation, like the Problems with his nightmare, Obamacare. Nothing that he told the public about that or anything that he has done,or said in the past comes out truthful. If we had a Senate that wasn’t itself full of corruption he would have been arrested and would be awaiting charges of Malfeasance of Office, Treason, Lying to the public, using the IRS as his personal lapdogs, corruption, bypassing the constitutional process laid down in that document in order to do whatever he wanted regardless of whether or not it was legal or Constitutional, and Impeachment. Followed by after he was found guilty of all the above including the TREASON charges would have him either in front of a wall awaiting the order to SHOOT to Kill, or at the end of a Rope awaiting the order to drop his sorry self from the platform for the length of the slack in the rope where his neck would be broken and he would hang for at least 15 minutes to insure that he was completely DEAD. In other words, DEATH by Hanging. I am beginning to believe that the only way this nation will regain its place in the world, and its people to regain their faith in our government would be is EXECUTION by duly ordered people in full view of lots of witnesses and the News networks so that there would be no doubt in anyone’s mind that he would have paid the price laid out by our Constitution for the crimes he has committed against the people of this country and against this nation.

  8. Frances says:

    he needs you to go to work to pay for all those children who have 5 different daddies and those baby mamas who keep spitting them out and collect food stamps and welfare someone has to pay their way!!!!

  9. Dorothy says:

    “Lets enroll 6 million children in high-quality day care?” The only agenda this man has is to take the ability of Americans to teach their young the same values and morals we were taught as youngsters. Get them into daycare centers that will instill the values of communism. Get them away from their families. After all, wasn’t it Hillary that said it takes a village to raise a child? Everyday I think I could not be more disgusted with our current state of affairs, and with all of the so-called policy makers in this country. We are being shoved through the gates, and led to the slaughter when it comes to our freedoms, our rights, and the core values of what makes this country great!

  10. Proud says:

    Look at the women behind him. Scary………….They look like zombies and/or robots! Almost as if they’re hypnotized.

  11. Proud says:

    Why not impeach him and get it over with? Then again, we’d be left with someone possibly worse than Obama, JOE BIDEN!!!!

  12. Mary says:

    This man is clueless and totally out of touch with reality. The goal is working husbands with jobs so Moms can stay home with their children! He just will never get it!

  13. Mary says:

    This man is clueless and totally out of touch with reality. The goal is working husbands so with jobs so Mom’s can stay home with their children!

  14. Brenda says:

    The look on those women’s faces in the photo standing behind obama, pretty much says it all. He isn’t concerned about women and their earnings and being out of the house to be able to earn higher wages, he is worried about not getting control of your children, to not be able to teach them Islam in class at public school, to control what they eat ( both examples of what they are doing now) in history class only the poor an oppressed of decades ago will be taught, even wants to change some of those so the younger children won’t grow up feeling that they really don’t have a future. Bull****, that is what he wants. Oh yes, he does want the women to work an earn more so he can make up new things to tax and have the money to send overseas. It is time (really past time) to wake up and get back on track, close those borders stop the mass supply of drugs being brought in every day, and we really need to impeach him before he causes any more damage, like he said in his speech, he has a lot to accomplish either with congress or without, before his term ends.. That should be a bold enough statement to take the hint that he is gonna go hog wild while he can. Lets stop the maddness before it completely takes America to her knees.

  15. Mike says:

    he wants our children in preschool to be brainwashed by pigs from islam, Like Hitler did in Germany

  16. Ben says:

    This article is dumb, in this economy, with these wages, you have to have 2 incomes just to pay your bills and keep food on the table. Sure about 5% or less of the jobs out there might pay enough to keep a family fed and sheltered on one income. The other 95% of the jobs out there dont pay enough that you can live without gov’t assistance or 2 incomes. Hes not sayimg he wants women to stay at work, hes saying he doesnt want them losing a good job just because they had kids. As with most political messages, this one has been twisted to smear someone(obama) without any real meaning behind it.

  17. samiannie says:

    Who really listens to that pompous jerk?

  18. Victoria says:

    There are a lot of capable welfare Mom’s that have a baby every 9 month’s to stay on the gravy train. But I’m sure you weren’t talking about those. You were talking about the Mom’s who have a husband with a good job he works everyday to provide for his family with none of your freebees. Most of these Mom’s are already well educated but made plans when they would have their family when they could afford to have them and be able to be stay-at-home Mom’s. And they very likely will go back into the workforce after the children are out of school. Why can’t you just once tell a lie and not try to turn it into another agenda? You are a waste of space and air.