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EXPOSED: Why Barack Obama Says ‘ISIL’ Instead Of ‘ISIS’ When Referring To The Islamic State

As William Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?”

When it comes to long-standing geographical disputes between Israel and the hostile terrorist-harboring nations which surround her, apparently a name means a lot!

Watch (above) as this YouTube presents an interesting theory for why President Barack Obama is so insistent on saying “ISIL” Instead of “ISIS” when referring to the Islamic State which is beheading American journalists and wreaking havoc in the middle East.

Do you agree with this theory? Or is it far-fetched? Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think.



  1. Eric says:

    Oh geez.
    Absolute ridiculousness.
    Unicorns running around on chem trails, singing “la, la, la”, here.
    And, of course, it’s Obama who made it happen.

  2. Howard says:

    I don’t agree with anything this lurking Muslim says, period

  3. Rick says:

    Since Obama (the muslim), believes in was ISIS, is doing. Why would he not using the muslim term?

  4. Dave says:

    Hussein uses ISIL because it refers to the Levant. Levant is an ancient title and refers to the geographic region that includes Israel but the name denies the existence of Israel.. By using the name ISIL Ă˜bama is signaling his buds that he too denies the legitimacy of Israel.

    Look it up.

  5. David says:

    Here’s the problem: SO CALLED MODERATE ISLAM WONT STOP< ARREST< KILL <CONDEMN< OR KILL THEIR OWN WACKO EXTREMISTS!!!!!! If in Europe or North America some crazy christian group was bombing and killing in the name of jesus—we–the west would shut them down ruthlessly!!! ruthlessly!!! Everywhere on the planet, on all continents—these islamic extremists are harming, terrorizing or harassing their neighbors—everywhere!!! INDIA< PHILIPINNES<ASIA<AFRICA<EUROPE AND AMERICA EVEN CANADA!!!! The only safe zone from islamic terror seems to be LATIN AMERICA!!! The civilized world needs to offer moderate islam a choice 1. control your crazies or 2. we turn your countries into glass!!!!

  6. Jordan says:

    The reason he refers to them as ISIL is because that is what the group calls itself. The terrorists in ISIL do not refer to themselves as ISIS. There is no hidden message from Obama. He is saying the correct name of the terrorist group and these video is making speculations. ISIL does not recognize Israel, but Obama shares no views with ISIL.

  7. C Felix says:

    How about both names are okay?

    Occam’s razor

    ISIS – Islamic State in Syria.
    ISIL- Islamic State in Levant

    Why does Obama call them ISIL? Because “they” just aren’t in Syria. There are in multiple countries.

    Sometimes, the simplest is the best.

  8. John says:

    ISIS / ISIL / Daesh have about 31,000 members. There are over 1.6 BILLION muslims in the world. To conflate one group with the other is unwise.

  9. Stephen says:

    It’s not only far-fetched. It is paranoid.

    But worst of all, you are diabolizing your neighbor.

    It is a small step from judging your neighbor to be the devil, to justifying behaving in devilish ways toward him. Doesn’t the devil deserve evil treatment? Doesn’t he deserve the sword? Take it up — and you will find yourself dying in more ways than one.

    Y’all need to spend more time in the Gospels — and start taking Jesus and his commandments literally and seriously. Stop lawyerizing around in the Old Testament to find sneaky little loopholes that permit you to hate freely to your heart’s content. Stop getting drunk on that old wine.

    Wake up.

  10. Tony says:

    I don’t know what to say except that we must elect the people needed to impeach this traitor. You can’t trust him and you can’t trust his Muslim brothers and sisters. The unfortunate part is that if you impeach Obama, Joe Biden takes over. That scares me too.

    1. Keith says:

      Biden is the lesser of two evils. We know O-shitheads agenda, death to America and by all accounts that is exactly what he is doing. This is evident by his actions. He blames the American people for the world’s destain of us. When the government officals both dems. and reps. are the cause of that distain.
      They and mostly O-shithead hide behind us. Ever hear one of them in the government suffering for anything that they have done to us? NO. Has anyone especially O-shithead supported the American people, NO.
      If we want to cut off the head of the snake, start with the top 1% of the 1% that owns this government and runs this country. Soros, Buffet,Rothchild, Goldman, Kissinger and one or two others. They are the ones wanting this NEW WORLD ORDER. The ultra rich controlling the most powerful nation to ever exist. That is what they strive for.
      So Biden alone can’t cause any more damage of American values. He is controlled by these people that weren’t even elected. Many of them are not natural born citizens.
      Google it people and discover for yourselves, what you will believe.
      Would Eisenhower or Truman or FDR let our enemies build their terrorist training camps in America? HELL NO. but they are here now. It is long past due a revolutionary war against this government. A government for themselves, not the American people. They do as they please and at the same time spit in our face. I hate to say any of this but research it and you may discover eye opening revelations.

  11. Roy says:

    The devil at it’s best,When Obama is doing what he is doing it will cost the american people there head’s he is letting “ISIS” know that he will take his good old time,and when you keep hearing about illegal coming over the bordor
    he is telling them the bordor is open come on in,When I see his picture i see the devil so you can take your good old time too by not saying anything,and some of you may think I’m crazy but I don’t live in the white house if you don’t remember 9/11 you will remember that I did my best to let you know what Obama is doing,just like jesus did he did his best’s, We have have gotten weak a country that was strong has become and taken down by one man (Obama) and we no longer have the say so,When we was at war with the german’s they did there best to take over, when we was at war with japan they did there best to take over what they was fighting for I’ll never know, but they have forgotten the what was done and it is now over,”ISIS’ they don’t care they will do as much as they can to kill to behead anyone that will stand in there way.

  12. Linda says:

    This is certainly not far-fetched! I did not trust him as a Senator and never ever as President! I do believe he will do anything to bring this great country down! Am I afraid of the power he has or just takes—very much so!!!