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How did Barack Obama Spend Labor Day? Bashing Republicans!

On Labor day, President Barack Obama, in a blue polo, spoke to a crowd of Democrats in Milwaukee, Wisconsin about Republicans in the House of Representatives.

As the crowd booed at the mention of Republicans, Obama replied:

Don’t boo! Vote!


They oppose almost everything! I’m not making that up. I’m just telling the truth. It’s just the facts. In fact, they oppose stuff they used to be for!


I am just telling the truth. The sky is blue today. Milwaukee brats are delicious. The Brewers are tied for first place. And Republicans in Congress love to say no.

Well I suppose it is nice to see Obama is at least doing something other than golfing in Martha’s Vineyard…

Meanwhile, the Democrats running the U.S. Senate are still sitting on more than 350 bills from the House (98% of which were passed with bi-partisan support).



  1. David says:

    352 house passed bills sit on Harry Reid desk has not brought one up for a vote Boo that you lying Bastard!

  2. Ken says:

    Hey… I’d much rather see him doing crap like this or golfing… because then he isn’t screwing something else up.

  3. Mark says:

    What a Sad Country when there are still Millions of People so Ignorant as to still love Obama. Art this Point Obama is not the Problem. It’s the ignorant majority that voted for him.

  4. Karen says:

    What a jerk we have for president and anyone who votes for him is an idiot and should be shot right along side of him.