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Hollywood Icon Just Gave America Ultimatum If Trump Is Elected!

Barbara Streisand Trump

Some consider Barbra Streisand to be a Hollywood legend and in some circles, she might even be an icon. In my circle, she’s a pain in the tail. When Bill Clinton was president, she had access to the White House whenever she wanted it. As we see, liberals will continue to throw tempter tantrums over Donald J. Trump’s nomination.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of these Hollywood liberals threatening to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected as the next president of United States. If that’s all they have then they never really had any message to stop the GOP nominee in the first place. Who cares about these threats I know I don’t.

Barbara Streisand Trump

From Newsmax:

“I don’t take anything for granted. I want Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States. But there is still a lot of sexism, and ‘A woman being president?’ you know, and making fun of her, the way [Donald Trump] insults her right and left, and has no facts.”

Acknowledging that Trump’s campaign has led to an increased level of tension and division within the country, Streisand said she thought it was due to Trump “saying things that probably a lot of people have thought but have never said.”

She compared the situation to “a blister that has to pop,” hoping that Americans can get it out of their system and then “get back to sanity.”

Streisand has been one of the top celebrities backing Clinton. Earlier this year she wrote an article in The Huffington Post demanding to know “why even a woman as impressive as Hillary Clinton is judged not by her merits and extensive resume alone, but held to a pernicious double standard?”

And Breitbart reports that Streisand is scheduled to host an LGBT for Hillary fundraiser in New York next month, with tickets selling as high as $250,000.

If that is all our country means to these people, let them go. The people make up the country, whoever is elected president can have no more than eight years in office, I would think, they could tolerate eight years, If they are in such a hurry to go to another country, let them go. With all her money, Streisand┬ácan buy an island for her and James Brolin to live on, if he goes with her, I can’t believe people on both sides are this shallow.

Isn’t it funny how they will vote for a woman who doesn’t know how to tell the truth about anything? She is the most corrupt person in modern day politics. She is the only one who benefits from everything she does. But that is okay because she is a Democrat.

Do you think our nation will suffer if Streisand leaves country? Do you think of her threats will change the way some people are going to vote? Will she get nonvoters to the polls these threats? Leave your opinions below in the comment section, and let us know what you think.



  1. SickofPoliticks says:

    Good bye and good riddance.

  2. Adrian says:

    Good riddance! I have writer friends who have worked with her and she is a monster bitch.