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Barely Into the Investigation, We Already Have Proof Hillary’s Emails Were Hacked


Hillary Clinton isn’t like the rest of us. If anyone else in a position of power had broken the law of how sensitive and classified information is to be disseminated, they would be facing charges. Instead, Hillary is chugging along in her run for the White House undeterred.

Despite the fact that the Clinton team began this scandal by swearing no classified material had ever been exchanged on her server, somehow, magically, classified material was found on it. Now we have the obvious answer why: Hillary was emailing our government’s classified information on her personal and unsecured server. If the Chinese government can access the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)’s database, Hillary Clinton’s would surely be a cakewalk.

One of the emails that contained classified information was found by The Federalist’s Sean Davis. While we aren’t sure yet if Clinton’s personal server was hacked, we know that the recipient of one of her emails was.


The recipient wasn’t just the victim of a hacking, but he wasn’t even a State Department employee. Sidney Blumenthal was, at the time, an employee of the Clinton Foundation, the private “charity” arm of the Clinton family. The same Clinton Foundation was in financial cahoots with foreign governments and now, we learn, was privy to classified information not meant for anyone outside of the State Department to see.

Was it just a mistake that this email account and server were used instead of the official one from the State Department? Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey points out a tweet from GOP Strategist Rory Cooper that indicates in no uncertain terms that it was not.

The FBI have claimed that they will be opening a serious investigation into the security of emails exchanged.

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