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Hilarious! Bartenders Share Their Funniest Fake-ID Busts

While many in my circle of friends had fake-ID’s before turning 21, I was quick to give up on using one. On my first attempt at a local convenience store, the cashier did a double take at my ID and face before calmly stating “hey kid, what’s your address?”

After a brief pause, I stated “you got me,” and left the store.

I ended up possessing a fake ID for no longer than a week – and I’m hardly the only one to have one of these stories. A thread on Reddit asked “Bartenders of Reddit: How do you deal with busting an under with a fake ID/What is your funniest experience while taking one?” Here are the ten funniest answers!

  1. Working the door and two obviously underage girls come up. They give me their IDs.

“Are you two friends?”

“Best Friends!”

I look at one girl and ask, “What’s your friend’s name?”

They looked at each other and left.

  1. Another time, a kid came into my store and put down the ID of a guy that I went to HS with. Here’s the kicker, that guy died in a car crash in 2006. So I was like, “HOW THE HECK DID YOU GET THIS ID?” and the kid freaked out. He was using a dead man’s ID to try and score booze. What’s worse?

I found out through yelling at the kid that the ID was his older brother’s…. I never knew the younger brother at all in HS, the younger brother was 5 years younger than us. So messed up; using your dead older brother’s ID to try and score booze…

  1. I was a bartender at a local bar. It’s a 16+ bar because in Austria you are allowed to drink beer and wine at the age of 16. There are no bouncers or something because it’s a small bar in a small city.

So one night our local football(soccer) team won a tournament and many people come to celebrate and we had no chance to check all I.Ds because we were 2 barkeepers and about 200+ people are in the pub. So in this pub there is a bell. When you ring that bell you have to buy a drink for everyone in the pub.

So this one night a kid rings the bell not knowing what it means. Suddenly there was cheering all around and the kid is confused. I walk over to him. Tell him what he just has done. He looks at me with pure terror in his eyes telling me he just has about 50 bucks with him.

I look at him and tell him that he has two options right now:

– Go to the ATM

– Show me his ID to prove he is not 16

He goes for option 2 shows me his ID that states he is 15 and runs out of the pub nearly crying. That was really fun to watch.

  1. I had a lady refuse to sell me an 80c lighter because my license didn’t match the one in her book. Her book was from 2001. This was in 2012. My state redesigned their licenses in between, but she wasn’t having any of my “excuses.”
  1. Girl I vaguely knew from around came into a local bar when I was 18. I recognized because she’s around the same age as my younger brother. She was at most 15 (drinking age in my country is 18) at the time and trying to buy a double vodka and coke. So I ask her for an ID, and surprise, surprise, she has one. Hands it to me for a look and I see that it’s not even a fake, it’s the ID of a girl about 4 years older than her, who I also know. “This is not your ID.”

“Yes it is.”

“I know girl’s name very well.”

“Oh. Sorry” She promptly left.

  1. I worked in a steak restaurant and my co worker lost her ID at the bar next door one night after work, one week later a girl came in and tried to order a drink from the bartender using my co workers ID. Busted!
  1. Once, a girl came in and put down an ID that said Brittany for her name. She was wearing a necklace in her cleavage that said “Jessica.” Whoops…
  1. Preface: in England legal drinking age is 18, but it’s pretty common to start going to pubs at 16.

So, barman me has 3 obviously 16 year olds walk in on a quiet weekday afternoon. One of them comes up to order, and manages to spit out his order in between nervous “ums…” and “ers…”

Now is a chance for literal karma, as some kindly barman served me when I was his age.

“Listen,” I say, “That was pretty terrible. You’ve got to be more confident if you’re gonna pull this off. Why don’t you go sit down, think about what you’re gonna say, and then come back and try again?”

So, back he goes, nervously chats to his also nervous buddies, and then comes back.

Sure enough, this time his voice doesn’t break, and he successfully returns to his table with beer.

I was so proud. Like an alcoholic father.

  1. A third time, I had a kid come in who put down some liquor and I was like, “ID please, and for your friend over there too.” So the kid pulls out his ID and says, “Yo, Brandon, he needs your ID.” The kid named Brandon puts down an ID with a different name…
  2.  “I can call my mom, she’ll tell you I’m over 18.”

H/T Reddit

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