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Legendary Athlete Just Endorsed Donald Trump For President!


Pete Rose, one of the greatest baseball players of all time, has just endorsed Donald Trump for president. Rose, who played for the Cincinnati Reds, made his endorsement just days before the all-important Ohio primary, which could prove to be a major boost as Trump battles Ohio Governor John Kasich!

From The Washington Post:

Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee front-runner, repaid Pete Rose, the latest former athlete who appears to have endorsed the candidate.

Speaking in Ohio, where Rose starred with the Cincinnati Reds before being banned from baseball for life for gambling, Trump was succinct. “We gotta let Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame, he told a West Chester, Ohio, crowd.

Rose, who played for and managed the Reds, remains enormously popular in Ohio, where a critical primary is being held Tuesday, and earlier Sunday he offered what appeared to be an endorsement, writing as he autographed a baseball: “Mr. Trump, please make American great again.”

Sorry to break it to Trump, but Rose has been known to write all sorts of things on baseballs. Rose, FiveThirtyEight.com notes, “likes to lampoon his situation” and “in certain circumstances he’ll sign baseballs with ‘I’m sorry I broke up the Beatles’ or ‘I’m sorry I shot JFK.’”

So Rose’s endorsement might be somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

What do you think of Rose’s endorsement of Trump? Will it push The Donald over the finish line in Ohio? Share your thoughts below!

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