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These Beautiful Kids Who Have Little To Nothing Have A Special Message At Christmas — Please Share!


These kids aren’t rich enough to choose their gifts or even have multiple gifts this holiday season, but they have something better, a beautiful spirit.

These kids were given a choice: whether they wanted a gift for themselves or if they would like to give a gift to someone else, and their responses will shock you and touch your heart.


From Today.com:

In the video, children from low-income backgrounds are presented with a gift for themselves and a gift for their parents, and then told they must choose between the two. Rob Bliss, who owns the agency that created the video, says a surprising 80% of the 18 kids he interviewed chose to give their parents a gift instead of keeping the toys, laptop computers and other presents they were offered.

Aaron Freeman, 9, is one of the kids in the video, and he’s shown deliberating between keeping Minecraft Lego sets for himself or jewelry for his mother. It only takes a moment before Aaron knows his answer.

“Legos don’t matter,” he says confidently in the video. “Your family matters — not Legos, not toys — your family. So, it’s either family or Legos, and I choose family.”

Throughout the video, the children list all of the things their parents do for them — from putting a roof over their heads to caring for them when they are sick — as reasons why they plan to keep the gift for their parent and return the one for themselves.

“These kids really don’t have much,” said Bliss. “One of them told me how they don’t have a Christmas tree because things have been tough financially for his family — so him getting the gift he wants for Christmas is likely to be slim. So, to be faced with the gift he always wanted but never got, and still pick the gift for his family instead is amazing.”

Check out the video below:

H/T: Today.com

As I continue to live, I learn something new every day. This was a beautiful video, and it shouldn’t sit in your internet browser history, please share this on your social media timeline. Let everyone watch and experience these beautiful kids.