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It Begins: Liberal Teachers Trash The Memory Of Justice Scalia!

chapman.0830 - 08/29/05 - A Supreme Court headed by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has questions for Chapman University Law School professor John Eastman as he and California Attorney General Bill Lockyer argue the 1905 ''Lochner v. State of New York'' case during a re-enactment Monday afternoon at Chapman University. (Credit: Mark Avery/Orange County Register/ZUMA Press)

Supreme Court Justice and brilliant legal scholar Antonin Scalia, who died last week, has not even been buried yet … but the liberals who run America’s college campuses are already trying to bury his reputation.

After the dean of Georgetown University sent out a statement offering condolences on behalf of the “Georgetown Community,” two irate liberal professors – Gary Peller and Louis Seidman – sent out their own email to students in which they trashed the famous conservative jurist, accusing him of “bullying,” “bigotry,” and “oppression.”

As people around the country paused briefly to reflect on the life and career of a deeply gifted lawyer and judge, these tenured, pampered lefties were telling their students that Scalia:

“…bullied lawyers, trafficked in personal humiliation of advocates, and openly sided with the party of intolerance in the “culture wars” he often invoked. In my mind, he was not a “giant” in any good sense.”

Keep it classy, liberals!

H/T: Young America’s Foundation

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