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Behold! The Question That Scared Hillary’s Communications Director So Much That She Said ‘Uh’ 22 Times!


The job of a politician’s communications director would presumably be to communicate and articulate their boss’s positions on certain topics.

That said, Hillary Clinton’s Director of Communications, Jennifer Palmieri, was reduced to a sputtering, stuttering mess when asked if her boss would react as others had to the news that Bill Cosby had raped numerous women.

First, Palmieri was asked if Hillary would join her colleagues in calling for the President to revoke Cosby’s medal of freedom.

Palmieri deftly responded in some rare new form of English they must teach at Communications school:

“It’s, um, I don’t, I don’t know we would, uh, it is, uh, I just saw the president’s, um, uh, comments about it.”

She then added, in a slightly more comprehensible version of English I might add, “It’s, you know, it’s really, um, really disturbing stuff and I imagine she’ll probably be asked about it.”

But just when you thought Palmieri was starting to get back on track, she was asked whether Clinton and the Clinton Foundation would consider returning donations from Cosby. And that’s when the wheels fell off.

Via Free Beacon:

“The foundation has gotten money from Bill Cosby in the past, he’s campaigned for her in the past,” Halperin said. “Do you know if the foundation would consider giving the money back?”

“Um, I don’t,” Palmieri responded. “They, um, but you know, the, uh, the foundation has, uh, it’s, uh, buh, there’s been a lot of donors that, uh, have given, uh, have given money, uh. They, uh, as our friend Paul Begala said, it’s, you know, wealthy people giving money to help poor people. Uh, we think that’s, uh, that’s a positive thing.”

“So you don’t see any reason to give the money back regardless of what the donors have done?” Halperin said in a perfectly comprehensible sentence with zero filler words.

“I mean, I think that you should, uh, uh, I mean the Foundation can also speak to this,” Palmieri floundered. “But um, you know, this is a, wealthy people giving, uh, you know — it’s a good overall point by the way — it’s like wealthy people giving money to the foundation to do good works for poor people.”

“Right,” Halperin said.

Watch the case study in how not to be a communications director below…

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