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Belgium Appeases Terrorists By Doing This! Disturbing!

The Belgian city of Brussels had attracted a reputation as a haven for terrorists well before Donald Trump blasted the city as a “hellhole” in January.

The city ran an ad-campaign for a few months earlier this year which encouraged foreigners to “Call Brussels.” There was a number we could call – which would be picked up by a random resident of Brussels. The ad aimed to dispel the “myth.”

Needless to say, that campaign was discontinued following the Brussels bombing a mere two months after it originated.

To the credit of Belgian authorities, they’ve finally woken up and begun cracking down on terrorist cells in their country, but there’s still much room for improvement.

Here’s a story almost unbelievable out of Belgium: a terrorist for Al-Qaeda receiving “moral damages.”

An Al-Qaeda terrorist convicted of plotting attacks against US targets in Europe received about €78,000 in compensation, as he claimed his human rights were violated by his extradition to the US, it has emerged.

The information was revealed in Belgian media on Thursday. The compensation to the extremist – who was convicted of planning an attack on troops at a Belgian airbase and was suspected of planning an assault on the US embassy in Paris – was approved by the European Court of Human Rights back in 2014.

Nizar Trabelsi, a Tunisian professional football player turned jihadist, was convicted on charges of association with Al-Qaeda militant group and plotting attacks on US targets, including Kleine Brogel Air Base in Belgium. The base is home to the US Air Force’s 7361 Munitions Support Squadron.

The jihadist reportedly met Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden on several occasions back in 2001.

He was also accused of plotting an attack on the US embassy in Paris in 2001. According to reports, Trabelsi planned to become a suicide bomber. Those charges, however, were soon dropped.

In 2003 Trabelsi was sentenced by a Belgian court to 10 years in jail. In 2013 he was extradited to the US and has been in jail since.

H/T Russia Today

Is this real life or is this just fantasy? Sometimes I wonder.

Why isn’t the world taking terrorism seriously? Share your thoughts!


Comments on “Belgium Appeases Terrorists By Doing This! Disturbing!”

  1. Juan Two Three says:

    NO f’ing way will I visit Belgium or any other country right now until they get the courage and strength to put their laws in order to stop the friggin Muslim influx into their countries!! It sounds as though German is a LOST cause now, thanks to the left-wing batted Angela Merkel! What a loser she is. That beautiful country will soon be a 3rd world country, full of trash, rapists, murders, beheading, knifings, blowing up tourist attractions, etc.etc.etc. You can have Europe right now….it is absolutely too unsafe to visit.