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Ben Carson Has a Grave Warning for Progressives in America – If We Don’t Listen, We’re All In Trouble


Conservative presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, spoke with Megyn Kelly yesterday evening about the recently released and increasingly disturbing Planned Parenthood videos, sadly warning that Americans are “giving away our humanity.”

“We’re gradually giving away the morals and values that made this nation great for the sake of political correctness,” he began.

After videos showing top-level Planned Parenthood officials making deals for baby parts over dinner, haggling for better prices in the hopes of getting “a Lamborghini,” and selling body parts while dissecting aborted babies, Carson has been left stunned.

Via Fox News Insider:

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson reacted to the Planned Parenthood scandal tonight on “The Kelly File,” saying that our country is gradually losing the morals and values that made America great.

Carson said he has difficulty believing that Democrats and progressives see aborted fetuses as mere “clumps of cells.”

“If it’s not a human being, then why are you harvesting organs from it?” Carson asked.

Carson is correct. Progressives have clearly disengaged from reality when it comes to abortion. They no longer look at a baby in the womb as an actual baby.

Watch the segment below…

Carson went on to blast those who vehemently come to the defense of Planned Parenthood by attacking those who are exposing their behavior. For killing the messenger so to speak.

“It’s sort of an evil hatred that is permeating us, because we’re giving away our humanity,” Carson said.

He ended the segment with a beautiful line.

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” he stated. But “you can’t have liberty and the pursuit of happiness if you don’t have life.”

Comment: Are progressives who support abortion giving away their humanity, and will America learn in time?




  1. Linda says:

    This position sensationalizes the behavior of a few tactless, callous individuals involved in the Planned Parenthood abortion procedures. It completely overlooks the MANY other valuable services Planned Parenthood provides to women and girls who otherwise would have no access to them. Furthermore, the (already legislated) rights of women’s freedom to choose and to make their own health decisions about their own bodies are being threatened by the religious right, and utterly disregarded by the politicians who are looking to impose their religious views on the entire population, a majority of which supports the right to choose (a LAW). i am a Republican, and I and many other women in the party demand to be heard by our so-called leaders. No, the right to choose is not giving away our humanity, Dr. Carson. How many abandoned, damaged, and dysfunctional children have you (and your supporters) taken into your care for their lives?

  2. Kim says:

    If Hitler were alive today, liberal progressives would see nothing wrong with what he was doing. Dr Mengele cut fetuses into pieces and he was a monster, today we are seeing the same behavior. Mengele also claimed he did nothing wrong, he was saving lives and learning science. If Hitler lived today, who would send the military to stop hIM?