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Ben Carson Just Made A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT About Trump’s First Day As Pres!


Dr. Ben Carson, who mounted an unsuccessful White House bid this year, has since become a vocal supporter of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Well, now the retired neurosurgeon is revealing what Trump will be like as president, and it will likely be a stark difference from how he operates as a candidate.

Carson has stated that Trump likely will not have much time to tweet as president, a major change of course for the man who has used social media on a daily basis.

From Politico:

Tweeting while president? Donald Trump won’t have time for that, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson said Friday.

As the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Trump prematurely deemed the missing EgyptAir Flight 804 an act of terrorism. But as president, Trump would be too busy to tweet about such things, according to Carson, one of his top surrogates.

Early Thursday morning, Trump said the plane that went missing as it flew over the Mediterranean Sea looked like another terrorist attack. “When will we get tough, smart and vigilant?” he tweeted.

“Well, it’s clear that he’s expressing his opinion,” Carson told Fox News on Friday. “Everybody forms opinions about what’s going on. I suspect that when the dust has settled, there will be some mischief implicated in this crash.”

As president, however, Trump would likely take a different approach, according to the former Republican presidential candidate.

“Well, I would expect him obviously to entertain all of the different possibilities. And more than likely as president, he’s going to have a spokesperson,” Carson explained. “And they’re going to be issuing statements and they’re gonna be talking about all the different possibilities.”

Trump fired off five tweets early Friday blasting “Crooked Hillary Clinton,” who said on Thursday that the billionaire businessman was unqualified to be president. Carson suggested that Trump will still tweet — the real estate mogul has tweeted more than 32,000 times since joining the social media site in March 2009 — but “probably not to the same degree that you’re seeing the tweets and things right now.”

“He’s gonna be too busy, quite frankly, for that,” Carson said. “It will not only be, you know, the crash, it will be things that are going on in Iraq, things that are going on in North Korea, things that are going on in the South China Sea. He’s gonna be dealing with a lot of stuff. He’s not gonna have time, you know, to be tweeting about that.”

Carson said last month that Trump has a Twitter problem and knows about it.

Do you agree with Carson that Trump should limit his tweeting when he becomes president? Share your thoughts below! 

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