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Ben Carson Defends Himself From Race-Baiters In The Best Way Possible!


Though Ben Carson has become a bit of punchline since he got involved in the election and is now a (not all that good) surrogate for Donald Trump, there was a time when the world-renowned surgeon and author was making smart, coherent points.

Like when he was asked about whether or not he was a “traitor” to fellow African-Americans.

Via BizPac Review:

Ben Carson might be soft-spoken, but when he hits back against accusations he’s an “Uncle Tom” or some kind of traitor to black Americans,  his message speaks volumes.

And he brought that message to the heart of Harlem on Wednesday.

“What I feel, instead of people pointing fingers at each other and just creating strife, what we need to be talking about is how do we solve the problem in the black community of murder,” Carson told reporters in front of the landmark Sylvia’s Restaurant.

“For a young black male, in the inner city, homicide is the most likely cause of death. That’s ridiculous.

“I’d say they need to actually listen not only to what I’m saying, but look at my life and look at what’s been done,” the retired neurosurgeon told reporters. “It is the things that have been done that elevate people. Not things that impress people and make them dependent.”

Ben Carson is a brilliant man, and I’m sad that he seemingly screwed up his chance to offer America a different vision and direction. Hopefully once this election is over he can go back to writing and working on his vision.

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